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it's always something-snl

Family reunions, stalking the seniors, and more randomosity

Well, my cousins came. They're fun and all...........but they're invading my room T.T It's like Trading Spaces.

Apparently Raya's friend Jessica is back from Hawaii, as I saw her at GHS while I was going to see the cross country coach. I kinda leapt out of the car and shouted "I know who you are!" She gave me a "wtf" face and I proceeded to walk with her until she called me a stalker. However she did say bye to me, so I think that's a good thing? xD I just thought you'd like that Raya.

My. Leg. Itches. Owie.

Ta ta.



If they don't paint your walls hot pink and glue hay to it, it's all good. I'm still scarred by that ep. of TS. *shudders*
They managed to make room for all of my posters that were lurking on the floor, so I think it was a good :)