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it's always something-snl

Family reunion, part deux

Oy, I have a rant I want to get ranted, butI'm trying to take a positive outlook on the day. So maybe later? Plus I have to help clean the house for my dad's SOOPER BIRTHDAY BASH OF DEWM!!! Yes, that'll keep me busy.

I will say that my cousins are a little too much for me, and too self-absorbed for me to have any real fun with them. But I think that I may be stuck going to see POTC 2 with the oldest, which actually isn't as bad as it could be because I love my Captain Jack ;P However, DON'T ever let me get started on Broadway rants with the uneducated. Their family saw the Wicked tour when it came to Houston, and I asked her how she liked it and all, and she was telling me that the guy who played Fiyero was really good, and boasted that he was the original Broadway Fiyero and everything. I was all...............no, and started explaining how Norbert Leo Butz was, and how I saw him in DRS, muahaha, but she was all "I don't think he was, I think the guy we saw was" and I was all ".....*head/desk*" Yeah. That was fun.

However, we had a cute waiter when we went out to dinner last night. And he actually tapped on my shoulder to ask me if I wanted a refill on Sprite xD I have small thrills in life.


Just guess. I dare you.


Edit: I forgot to mention that yesteday was my sister Colleen's birthday. Yay belated-ness? :P


who did she see on tour and why in g-ds name did she not understand that Norbie WAS and IS the OBC Fiyero....he IS Fiyero. ur cousin knows nothing.sry. its the truth.
and its stupid of her cuz if your on tour, and NOT on broadway, u OBVIOUSLY were not part of the OBC. so.....ur cousin knows nothing of Broadway.
I tried to drum it into her head, I really did. And they even have a Broadway showtunes radio down where they live? Where is the justice, I say!?