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it's always something-snl

Mmm, Mano singing Not While I'm Around is yummy......*has been off hunting on YouTube*

But I still need to hear Neil Patrick Harris T.T I might die.

So yes. Next CD I'm buying is Sweeney. Yay?

/pointless update


*dead* *dead* *dead* *dead* ...So I take it you like that? :D

I thought I had the NPH version, but I can't find it. I hope I didn't delete it when I did spring computer cleaning. I'll keep looking though.
You may have converted me! :D

Coming off as the Broadway n00b again, but I've never heard Neil Patrick Harris sing. *is pelted with banana peels* But I love him a lot in everything I've seen him in, and after finding out he can sing, I'm just in heaven ^_^
It's one of the best shows currently playing. If not the best. I'm slightly biased though. YAY FOR CONVERTS.

Have you listened to it all? *pesters with questions*

I'll try and find the song for you. I'm sure that I have it somewhere.
I listened to it once the whole way through.....and with my next paycheck shall go buy it somewhere :D

Let me just say......Patti is shiztastic. Definitely.