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it's always something-snl


The Last Five Years is gonna be in DC!!!! Like, OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only $9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray that I can go, k?


I'm praying :D
Thanks! ^_^
According to my GoldStar Event description, at Fellowship Hall at Foundry United Methodist Church......full price tickets are $15-$18, but GoldStar subscribers get a $7.50-$9 discount :D
I know! I was semi-amused at that one. I'm pretty sure it's a community theatre thing.


I feel the prayer!

btw, how do you make big font? ;P
alright, so if we want to get this:

Angela is amazing.

We do this! (Without the "*"s)

<*h1*>Angela is amazing.

I can't seem to end it. But as when you bold and such. You end the tag with a backslash. Do the same thing. And it would be bracket backslash h1 close bracket.

If that makes any sense.
You are like the most awesome tutorial ^_^

Angela is indeed, amazing

HEY. HEY. NOT FAIR. *Whimpers*

*Mutters and prays anyway*

I just noticed the "Happeh Puppeh" link in your link list. =P
Yay, you don't hate me! ;P

Guh, I'm not allowed to get tickets until my friend calls me back about being able to go *head/desk* I'm spasaming like crazy here.

Yay for links!

*is pretty incoherant at the moment*