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it's always something-snl

I have changed all of my icons, once again. Feel free to bask in their glory ;P

What irks me is that stupid-ass LJ wouldn't let me upload THIS icon, and I have no idea why. I try to upload it from the link, and it says it won't upload an image that big. Um, WTF, it's 100x100? Like all LJ icons? Anyways, then I try saving it to my desktop and then uploading it, and it says it won't accept gif files that are larger than 100x100. It is not larger than 100x100, you piece of crap!!! *spazzes* I wouldn't make such a big deal about it, but I really liked that icon T.T

In other news, RAYA, CALL ME!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you, see my previous post for details. JUST GET ONLINE PLZ!


I need to get some new freaking icons... I love some of them but others are just getting waay too un-interesting =P

I hate when I have to resize them though... -_-
I am like the ficklest person who ever fickled her way over to Fickledom. So my icons don't usually stick for long ;P

Ugh, and this one doesn't even need to be resized, at least unless my actual computer is lying to me >> I trust it more than teh Eljay sometimes though, ya know?
LJ is probally just being a jerk....-_- lol
Ahh...*doesn't know things* Much less how to get it smaller xP *hides in her corner*
It didn't work because it was 62 kb and has to be under 40. ^_^ Here, I fiddled with it in Photoshop, see if this works.

Thank you, dahhhhling! :D
On the icon: I looked at it and looked at the properties; the file size is a little over 60kb. I think livejournal has a limit on how many kb icons can be -- it's either 40 or 60 kb. You'd have to compress the images (something I used to know how to do?) before uploading.