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it's always something-snl

Testimonials time

Okay, I cave. Here's the obligatory testimonials post. Love me?

Copied from Angela's post: All you have to do is write what you think of me. You could make it one worded, a sentence, a paragraph, a whole story, whatever your heart desires. I am going to add these comments to my userinfo, and even after I posted them in the userinfo, keep them coming! :)


Testimonials are fun!

What can I say about Maddie? A lot really, but I won't bore you on the pointless details of our pathetic aim conversations, and crazy comment spams that go until 1 in the morning. However, I will tell you that she is awesome. I'm lucky to have stumbled across that broadway friending meme, as it brought a lot of amazing people to my list, and she is certainly one of them. She's very kind, funny, and just really easy to talk to. If she's not on your flist, you lose. Add her now. Lots-o-love♥
*tacklehugs* ILU too ♥
Maddie is my namesake. She is highly amusing, very well-spoken and a TV obsessive lovah like me! I ish her Happeh Puppeh. She loves musicals just as much as me, and for that I adore her, as I love my musical fangirls. She and I will one day probably manage to kidnap Norbert Leo Butz and make him sing for us, thus she is ALSO a potential partner in crime - and there is no price on a good partner in crime. She is quite easy to get along with and shares the wonderful things she likes and does with everyone. I luff Maddie, and everyone else should too!
ILU ♥ =D
You are a very intelligent, thoughtful, kind and generous girl. I consider it an honour and privilege to have you on my flist. I know the world is in good hands with such a lovely young lady as its future. *hugs*
Aww, thank you, dahling......♥ =)