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it's always something-snl


The fates seem to be against me on seeing L5Y after all. My phone seems to think I'm dialing Raya's number wrong EVERY TIME and I need my mom to be home to access the site and see if it's sold out. GRAA.

/pity post

I LIED. http://kalaidascopeeye.livejournal.com/120183.html <---Testimonials, anyone? *is an attention-whore*


Can't you go without your friend? I mean, it would suck, but you'd still get to see it!
She actually called me today, and I mentioned the idea, and she said she'd like to go, but she doesn't know what her family's doing tomorrow, and I don't really trust them since they are like activity maniacs >> So hopefully I'll just get my mom to go with me, since she's the one with the money and transportation ;P
Please, I'll come see it with you.
Now I'll I need is money, a bus ticket, and permission. Heh.
Sadly, I'm not seeing it after all *cry* But I would've conjured up a bus ticket for you if I could :D