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it's always something-snl

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Time to re-do this a bit. You can read my profile to know more about me, but I'm Maddie, I'm currently a college freshman and I don't use this thing as much as I used to. My journal started out more fandom based, but I've sort of fallen out of more active participation in fandom. I still occasionally ramble about fandomy things, so if you see we have common interests and are (for whatever reason) interested in what I have to say, feel free to add me and I'll probably add you back. I use this journal more now for personal reasons, and a lot of it pertains to school and my life, which probably isn't that interesting to the outsider, so there is that to consider. Again, I'm not very active in the livejournal world anymore so I tend to be a sporadic commenter, and if that sort of thing bothers you than this journal is not for you. But again, I am always open to new friends, so feel free to add me, just comment and tell me why :]


hay add me. it iz nice to meet u.
lolz totaly. u seem nice.
*cries* *clings to your leg* Don't leave me!!!!
I would nevar leave you!! *glomps*
Dude, Keith Moon looks so special in that picture. I mean, just look at it. It's hilarious. I hope I'm not annoyingly self-centered. *is referring to her most recent post*

But still, yes, you're very random. You are slightly mental, but in a very funny way where it's not creepy. Hey, I'm fandom obsessed, but that hasn't stopped my parents from keeping me in the house. And the Beatles totally OWN The Rolling Stones any day and you know it! So bring it on, bitch! NOW HOW YA GONNA ACT??

Yeah, that was special. But whatever! Bye!
He was a special guy you must remember. And you're not self-centered, plz. We're just girls with reason to complan. And I looked up Fetters---I still don't recognize him xD But by god, I know that name.

O.o that was quite special yourself. ^_^ But I love you anyways.
All I have to say is this: UPDATE! And hi.

(thanks ♥ ^_^)
Hello! You seem really cool. Thank you for joining my John Entwistle community! I'm friending you! Please friend me back! I'm totally fandom-obsessed too. :D
Thanks! And you, m'dear, seem really cool too--Billeh and Enty for the win, indeed. And added! =D
I'd love to be added!
And I'd love to add you! Harry Potter, Wheadon, and Broadway? It's a match made in fandom heaven :D
I know, I almost exploded of happy seeing your profile!
Hi! It's Dani. It was nice to meet you at the movie! =)
Hey! It was nice meeting you too. I added you back :D
I found you while scanning the Big Damn Table on fanfic100 and noticed that you signed up for Doyle. And then I noticed you're into theatre, like NLB, and you just seem to be all around awesome, so can I be added? Please?
Oh my God, I wonder how long ago I signed up for that? Because I know I never got around to it T.T

Aside from that, your icon alone makes me want to add you :D And you seem quite awesome yourself. Done!
im adding you.
seems we have a lot in common
And I'm adding you back =]
I saw that you had Eli Stone as a interest, your default icon is Barney/Robin, Jason Dohring is one of your fave actors (I run a board devoted to him) and your friends only banner is from 'Spring Awakening,' so yeah I think we might have some stuff in common.

Edited at 2008-04-06 01:59 am (UTC)
Haha, we just might! Added back ^_^